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CT - Woodbury free ride park - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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This is a private facility, you have to pay to ride here - at the time it was $15 per day per person or $25 with lift access..

Directions - Take route 84 west to exit 15, 6 north, to 47 for 4 miles, woodbury is on the left..

Description -  Before I tell you about the area, have to tell you that this area was created by the efforts of mountain bikers, and with some more work this could be a decent park and worthy to kill an hour of 2 if your in the area..  Right at the base there is a sketch park you can have some fun on.. 1/2 pipes, jumps, ramps, spines, little rough but fine for biking..

As it stands this place is basically a big backyard stunt park with a couple DH trails..  There are legal stunts to ride here and that's good for the sport of free riding..  There are really no trails to speak of just stunts..  The ghetto trail consisted of 2 oil tanks and some sort of metal jump that you can impale yourself on..  Across the street there are some log rides, elevated log rides, and some hucks, and one crazy teeter totter circle stunt (pretty cool)..  Also some cool dirt jumps on the ski side, some big ones..  And finally a huge 20 foot drop..

Probably more geared toward the way hardcore rider so maybe im not the one to review this place...  But in any case, I like to keep my reviews honest and consistent so if you've had luck with my past reviews than take this to heart..

What I think woodbury needs

- Some trails, there are no trails here, to say that there is an XC loop is pathetic, xcers dont exactly like 10 foot wide rutted grass pastures.. 

-Flow, actually make trails to the stunts and link up many stunts in one line??  Make several different difficulties of stunts from 2 feet to whatever..

Pre-ride Music:   Any death metal will do..
Total Miles:  N/A
Elevation Change Feet - 165 feet
See NEMTB for more updated information, pics, directions etc...
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