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CT - Stratton Brook (Simsbury) - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions - Rt 44 to Rt 10/202 North, left onto 309 (the sign says"To 309" but it actually IS 309) then left into the park.

Description -  I would have had more fun riding a rail trail ... on a road bike ... in the rain.  Some paved roads, some fire roads, a rail trial right through the middle, some pine needle covered singletrack, some leafy singletrack some muddy singletrack.  White loop that is actualy in Ensign Memorial Forest was a pine needle covered, suck-the-life-out-of-you s-track completly overgrown with plants.  I had to close my eyes a few times and just pedal to get through it (I think I actually rode better with my eyes closed).  Lots of bugs, screaming kids and poison ivy.  Saw a couple 2x4 bridges, made more out of necessity than anything (lots of muddy spots on the orange trail that goes along the stream).  Scenery was ok, if you're into that kind of thing.  I rode all of the trails there in about an hour and didn't break a sweat (actually I did, but it was due to the temperature, not the difficulty of the trails).

Reviewed by THMP - Thanks for taking one for the team!!

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