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CT - Spoonville Rd. - Metacomet Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions -  Take I-91 to the Bradley Airport exit.  Take Exit for rte 20, to 187 south (that's a left at dunkin donuts!), 3.21 miles take a LEFT onto Spoonville Rd. drive 50 feet and take a right continuing on Spoonville road.  Go down hill and right under the bridge and road changes to Tunxis Ave.  Follow  to end and park at the dead end.  Ride back up the pavement and look for the blue trail on your left, look carefully..

Description - Pretty sweet ridge-line single track here..  Some difficult semi technical rock ups, some slickrock riding (very slick when wet)..  One 3.9 foot huck over a log (cant miss it!!)..  One log ride to 3 foot twister dismount (never been ridden?).. 

Pre-ride Music:  Whatever crap GI was listening too in the parking area - Saleem Dion or something
Total Miles: 9 plus some that we missed


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