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CT -  Valley Falls - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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UPDATE:  It seems that the stunts that were built at valley falls were done so on private property and without permission..  The local officials are cracking down and plan on arresting people that are riding these stunts (That's what my people tell me)...  You can still ride valley falls, but if you park in the commuter lot, do not drive in through the asbestos laden movie theater, you have to follow the highway back down to the rail trail and double back..  Oh and try not to wear any free-ride gear such as full face helmets, knee pads, chest protector, triple clamp fork etc..  You will get harassed just for being so freeride..

If the land owner would like, I would be happy to update the map with private property boundaries.. 

Directions - take 84 east to 384 east - exit 5 - left at exit - right at light (corner of 3j's and mobile) up hill and take left after road splits into commuter parking lot near old movie theatre.

Description - No your not in Kansas or British Columbia, valley falls in Bolton CT has some really sick riding.  Some steep hills, single-track, double track, 1 nemesis rock garden, (a whimbly wombly woombly rail trail) and many bike ramps hidden in the woods.  Do not ride near the beach area or on any trails with no bikes signs please.  There is a nice cliff above the rail trail, try not to fall off it and land on innocent joggers.  If you find any sea-saws that are like 10 feet in the air, make sure the medical team is there or at the very least an Xterra with first aid kit.. 

Loops -

Pre-ride music  |     Lords of acid - Wet Dream or LUTC's fav - must have had a wet dream cruising through the gulf stream by ??
Total Miles:  25.01
Elevation Change - 1044 Feet - Elevation Profile
Local Bike Shops 331 New London Tpk. Glastonbury, CT 06033  (860) 659-0114
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