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CT - Winding Trails (PRIVATE) -

Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

Category -  sub beginner, buffed double track, maybe a tinge of beginner
Pukemaster Rating               That's 1  buckets  
Description - This is the location of the HI-TECH race series.  Possibly the lamest trails in CT, but in any case they are trails.  Not sure if they are totally closed to the public or what but there are a TON of NO trespassing signs up..  Anyway - the trails - fire roads and double track through pine forests, maybe a root to go over, not even one rock..  Actually, there might be some small sections of single track..  This place is not even worth poaching.
Pre-ride Music:  Pragga Khan - Bored Out of my mind
Total Miles: 10
Elevation Change Feet - perty flat
Coffee:  There is a dunkin donuts right on rte 4 before the entrance.  You will need it to stay awake on these trails
Local Bike Shops  

Cycling Concepts - 825 Cromwell Ave., Shunpike Village Shops, Rocky Hill, CT 06067-3020  Phone: 860.563.6667 Fax: 860.563.6713

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