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  Riding Area Town Location Difficulty Pics Map/GPS Local Bike Shop Sponsor
            Y Y  
Flume Trail Tahoe       Y    
Mr Toads Wild Ride Tahoe         Y  
Northstar Truckee       Y    
  San diego              
  Tamarancho     3.75   Y    







Links To Trail Information

Riding Area Location Local Organization Website Other
Central California -
Alameda Creek Trail San Francisco - East Bay
Advanced Trail Rating   Clementine Loop -

Intermediate Trail Rating   Folsom Dike 8 - .

Novice Trail Rating   Foresthill Divide -

Expert Trail Rating   Mickey Mouse

Intermediate Trail Rating   Salmon Falls -

Intermediate Trail Rating   Sweetwater

Sacramento area (Great site with description, maps and GPS files (GPX & mapsource))  
Oat Hill road callistoga   mountainbikebill  
Northern California -
Mr Toads Wild Ride Lake Tahoe    
The Flume trail Lake Tahoe    
Southern California
Adventure Race - REI Ocean Adventure     SingleTrackMind  
Aliso and Wood Canyon Wilderness Park     SingleTrackMind  
Backbone Trail - Big Sycamore Canyon     SingleTrackMind  
Backbone Trail - Latigo / Kanan Dume     SingleTrackMind  
Backbone Trail - Hub Jctn to Will Rogers     SingleTrackMind  
Big Santa Anita Canyon / Mt. Wilson     SingleTrackMind  
Big Sycamore Canyon     SingleTrackMind  
Blue Ridge     SingleTrackMind  
Brown Mountain / Ken Burton Trail     SingleTrackMind  
Bulldog Loop / Malibu Canyon Calabasas Peak / Red Rock Canyon     SingleTrackMind  
Catalina Island     SingleTrackMind  
Chantry Flats / Mt. Wilson     SingleTrackMind  
Charlton Flats     SingleTrackMind  
Cheeseboro Canyon     SingleTrackMind  
Chilao Flat / Figure / Three Peaks Loop     SingleTrackMind  
China Flats / Simi Peak / Cheeseboro     SingleTrackMind  
Chino Hills State Park / Raptor Ridge     SingleTrackMind  
Cholla Trail / Aliso and Wood Canyon     SingleTrackMind  
Cienaga Loop / Elderberry Forebay     SingleTrackMind  
Crystal Cove State Park     SingleTrackMind  
Cuyamaca Peak / Cuyamaca Rancho S.P.     SingleTrackMind  
Eagle Rock / Paseo Miramar Topanga     SingleTrackMind  
Elderberry Forebay / Cienaga Loop     SingleTrackMind  
Five Deer Trail / Sierra Pelona     SingleTrackMind  
Gabrielino Trail / Brown Mountain     SingleTrackMind  
Geology Tour Road, Joshua Tree NP     SingleTrackMind  
Golden Eagle Trail / Mount Liebre     SingleTrackMind  
Gridley Pratt Trail     SingleTrackMind  
Harding Truck Trail to Santiago Peak     SingleTrackMind  
Hillyer Mountain     SingleTrackMind  
Holy Jim Trail, Trabuco Canyon     SingleTrackMind  
Isthmus, Catalina Island     SingleTrackMind  
Josephine / Strawberry Peaks     SingleTrackMind  
Joshua Tree National Park     SingleTrackMind  
Ken Burton Trail     SingleTrackMind  
Kenter Fire Road / Whoop De Doos     SingleTrackMind  
Little Harbor, Catalina Island     SingleTrackMind  
Lower Winter Creek Trail / Mt. Wilson     SingleTrackMind  
Los Robles Trail     SingleTrackMind  
Luge Trail / Santiago Truck Trail     SingleTrackMind  
Lynx Trail / Aliso and Wood Canyon     SingleTrackMind  
Main Divide Trail to Santiago Peak     SingleTrackMind  
Malibu Creek State Park / Bulldog Loop     SingleTrackMind  
Mathis Trail     SingleTrackMind  
McGill Trail / Mount Pinos     SingleTrackMind  
Mendenhall Ridge / Pacoima Canyon     SingleTrackMind  
Moro Canyon, Crystal Cove State Park     SingleTrackMind  
Mt. Hillyer     SingleTrackMind  
Mt. Liebre     SingleTrackMind  
Mt. Mooney     SingleTrackMind  
Mt. Wilson Toll Rd/Big Santa Anita Cyn     SingleTrackMind  
Old Camp / Santiago Truck Trail     SingleTrackMind  
Noble Canyon, San Diego County     SingleTrackMind  
Nordhoff Peak / Gridley Pratt Trail     SingleTrackMind  
Pacoima Canyon     SingleTrackMind  
Palo Comado Canyon / Cheeseboro     SingleTrackMind  
Palos Verdes / Portuguese Bend     SingleTrackMind  
Paseo Miramar Backbone Loop     SingleTrackMind  
Paseo Miramar / Eagle Rock Loop     SingleTrackMind  
Point Mugu / Big Sycamore Canyon     SingleTrackMind  
Queen Valley, Joshua Tree National Park     SingleTrackMind  
Raptor Ridge / Chino Hills State Park     SingleTrackMind  
Red Rock Canyon Park / Calabasas Peak     SingleTrackMind  
REI Ocean Adventure Classic Bike Race     SingleTrackMind  
Rock-It Trail / Aliso and Wood Canyon     SingleTrackMind  
San Juan / Old San Juan Trail     SingleTrackMind  
Santa Cruz Superlight Bike Pictures Santiago Truck Trail / Old Camp / Luge     SingleTrackMind  
Santiago Peak via Harding Truck Trail     SingleTrackMind  
Sierra Pelona / Five Deer Trail     SingleTrackMind  
Silver Moccasin Trail / Chilao Figure     SingleTrackMind  
Strawberry / Josephine Peaks     SingleTrackMind  
Simi Peak / China Flats / Cheeseboro     SingleTrackMind  
Sturtevant Trail / Mt. Wilson     SingleTrackMind  
Sullivan Ridge / Sullivan Canyon     SingleTrackMind  
Sullivan Ridge - Backbone Trail     SingleTrackMind  
Sycamore Canyon / Big Sycamore Cyn     SingleTrackMind  
Telegraph Canyon / Chino Hills State Park     SingleTrackMind  
Trabuco Canyon - Holy Jim Trail     SingleTrackMind  
Trancas Canyon / Zuma Edison Trail     SingleTrackMind  
Two Harbors, Catalina Island     SingleTrackMind  
Vetter Mountain Lookout / Chilao Figure     SingleTrackMind  
Westridge - Sullivan Canyon     SingleTrackMind  
Whiting Ranch     SingleTrackMind  
Whoop De Doos / Kenter Fire Road     SingleTrackMind  
Will Rogers State Park / Backbone Trail     SingleTrackMind  
Wood Canyon Trail / Aliso     SingleTrackMind  
Zuma Edison / Trancas Canyon     SingleTrackMind  
Many Areas  
Mamouth Mountain  
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