FINALLY has a T-shirt, as promised, in 2001.. "Im So freeride"

Dude - Im so free-ride - I should be working, but instead im modeling clothing in pukes office.. 

Tiffany Mann modeling for us.. congrats on getting 1st place w/your single speed team as well as women's fastest lap at the 24hrs of Adrenalin at Dalton, MA.


$12.00 Bikerag T-s


$10.00 Bikerag Thong - One size fits most - Large - See back


Tee's for the ladies only (unless you guys like cross dressing)

One size fits Most

Colors available: Pink or White

PMD working if she would just get to work!

just the t-shirt for sale.. has the roses.. isn't PM so sweet!


COST: $12.00, two for $22, 3 for $30, 4+ 9$ each (add $5.00 shipping) - Contact for purchase..  If you want one, try to meet us for a ride, save on shipping ..